Monday, April 5, 2010

A quick trip to the Easter Island

This Easter Sunday I thought I would take a quick drive to the mall to get something I needed from Sephora, and maybe take a peek at the new Apple iPad at the Apple store. I was totally prepared to be stomped down by the shopping hordes - but to my great surprise (and intellectual pleasure): 95 percent of the stores were closed: Religious Observance overruling Commerce.

But there was some stomping going on anyways, and luckily I had my Canon Mini-dude on me to capture the dangerous moment:

Dark faces were lurking in the lush green

and all kinds of bizarre flying objects:

and hopping things:

and utterly strange things:

Did I hit my head at the mall and went into some kind of psychedelic Coma? No, I entered the Mall at the Rainforest Cafe entrance:

But with all the majestic elephants, colorful birds and oversized mushrooms, my favorite creatures by far were these two:

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