Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yesterday my friend Barbara took me to the beach, but on the way we stopped at a Mall to do what? Shopping? Well, the first three stores I walked by where Louis Vitton, Cartier and Tiffany's. The chances of me finding something I could afford where next to zero, so I focused on the FREE beauty - the layout and decoration of the Mall itself.
Whenever I write about something and post pictures, I ask myself - what can someone else possibly get out of this? Just showing that you're in a beautiful spot can have one very undesirable side-effect: people can get envious - and any kind of negative feeling like that can influence the "universal energy" towards a person (that sounds kind of new-agey, but I really believe it!), so, creating envy is NEVER my intention, so I hope that I can create some kind of positive feeling instead.
What I really liked about this Mall is that they really went to great length to establish an atmosphere are relaxation, where nature is drawn into a very artificial environment. So, it's time for some pictures: (oh, I think I have already fallen into the trap of the blogspot layout - the first picture was supposed to be UNDERNEATH the text...oh well).


  1. Well, that was an adventure. I tried to post a comment and was told it didn't work???? Perhaps this one will. To paraphrase, Have Fun!

  2. I love it when you make me look at photos in a totally different light. Like forget the subject and feel the colors, the textures, the depth.

  3. You can use the eraser tool to cut the photo and paste it in wherever you want. Your blog - write about what moves you !